4 Responses to China, and the Shift of Power from West to East

  1. Donald Miller says:

    Charlie Rose has covered China extensively for the last ten plus years. He’s had all of the major world players on his program many times, and it’s always been an educational experience for me to listen to the discussion. What I’ve taken away from them is that China will inevitably be the prevailing global force in the world’s economic future.

    What I think they have going for them most is a single-minded pride in their country. This goes from the very top all the way to the working class. China’s working class reminds me of the people who helped build Europe’s Great Cathedrals. Many of those who enthusiastically pitched in with building those structures knew they wouldn’t live to see their completion, but they knew that they were contributing to something historically significant and it gave them a sense of purpose. That’s what I see in China. There’s a vitality and enthusiasm.

    That’s what I see lacking in Europe and America. We, at least the US, show all the signs of a people exhausted. The GOP has been particularly destructive. Rigid, uncompromising, out of ideas, and willing to impede any progress the opposing party might make. They look backward to an imagined time when we were great because of our isolation.

    China is more practical. Their young people are devoted to learning, and they are producing the most engineers, to continue building the wonderful buildings and cities that are emerging across that nation. They have vitality, enthusiasm, they are looking forward, and they hold their own interests first and foremost in whatever dealings they make. They also have the ideal of bringing as many people out of poverty as possible.

    In summary, I see them on the rise, and we in the West on a decline.


    • Ron Pavellas says:

      Hi Don, and thanks for the comment. I am currently reading the book by Brzezinski: STRATEGIC VISION,
      America and the Crisis of Global Power. He generally agrees about the decline of the West (slowly) and has six points that the USA must address to regain its momentum in the right direction. Here is a NYT review of the book: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/01/30/books/strategic-vision-by-zbigniew-brzezinski.html?pagewanted=all


      • Donald Miller says:

        It’s an interesting topic with various theories that I should probably know more about. I watched Donald Kagan on Charlie Rose–the interview was from 1999. His thoughts about why we go to war was a bit unique, but it made sense.

        I read Kissinger’s book “Diplomacy” years ago and was impressed by it. And surprised at how diligent he was about the citations. As I’m sure you know, Christopher Hitchens wrote a book titled “The Trial of Henry Kissinger.” He also made a 2 1/2 hr film chronically alleged war crimes. He made a pretty damning case against Kissinger.

        There’s a discussion right there. Should a super power be able to exert it’s force more than a country with a smaller global agenda? I think yes. But I also think that there is a line of moral decency that can’t be crossed and that Nixon and Kissinger crossed that line–by a country mile.

        But all of these people who are in leadership positions seem to be ruthless. Hillary really let me down with that, “We came, we saw, we killed him.” gloating.

        One huge surprise was Vietnam, wherein when the North took the South, they didn’t massacre anyone. “Don’t be afraid. You are our brothers.” Pretty amazing in a war that claimed millions of lives. And even more so when compared to Cambodia.


      • Ron Pavellas says:

        Thanks for your comments, Don.


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