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Born: Ronald Alexander Pavellas, 7 January 1937, San Francisco, California.
Parents: Artemis Helen Pagonis (1918-2008); Conrad Harpending Pavellas (1913-2000). Sibling: Diane Helen Pavellas (1942-2011)
Education: public schools in San Francisco, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Berkeley (California); master’s degree in public health (MPH), with an emphasis in hospital management (U.C. Berkeley, 1965).
Military: US Navy, 1954-1958; electronics technician aboard the aircraft carrier USS Bon Homme Richard, CVA-31, 1956-1957.
Marriages: Patricia, 1959-1971; Mary, 1973-1994; Eva, 2002.
Children: Andrea, 1963; Gregory, 1967; Matthew, 1976; Alexander, 1981; Analiese, 1983. Employment: 1951-1963, many entry level and a few semi-skilled jobs; 1964-2002 hospitals, medical groups and related organizations.
Consulting and teaching: occasionally, from around 1975 and continuing.
Professional: officer of non-profit boards, hospital associations, and medical group advocacy organizations. Presented papers to the National Commission on Public General Hospitals, 1977-78. Testimony to government bodies in California and Alaska. Member of state commissions on hospital and medical care. Expert testimony in court and in legal hearings. Teacher of management at two California universities, and to private and community organizations. Founding Chairman of the County Hospital Committee of the California Hospital Association, 1978. Founding president of the English speaking Rotary Club in Stockholm, 2003.
Current focus: Writing. Since 2009 I have published articles in a what started as a general-topic magazine (weblog) named The Pavellas Perspective, the same name I used for my now dormant management consulting company. Over time, I created and now publish other blogs for specific categories of writings. I have written poetry, short stories, a family history and memoir of my early years, and am currently writing a novel. I have lived in Stockholm since 2002.

Other weblogs:

Being Old

Dear Grandma

Family Blog


12 Responses to Summary Bio

  1. Interesting stuff, Ron. A Greek purser told me Euxine (which is what the Black Sea is called on the old, old maps) means Fertile; which describes the sea and area. Black is from the meaning of very fertile, or black, soil.
    So there you go.


    • Ron Pavellas says:

      Interesting about the name. This version was not included, I believe, in the book which did dwell upon the origin of the name. The word ‘Euxine’ was mentioned briefly in the beginning, but I didn’t see a strict definition of this ancient word. Thanks.


  2. Geoffrey Lang says:


    Was looking up our old colleagues and classmates and came across your BLOG. Hope that you get this message. I read some of your entries — fascinating! Would love to exchange emails to catch up and Stockholm, wow.



  3. Mickey Adair says:

    Hey Ron,
    How about at least giving a photo credit on my copyrighted portrait of Aaron Copland? ©1979-2010 Adair will do.


    • Ron Pavellas says:

      Absolutely! Sorry to have missed this. I only recently figured out how to put a caption under photos. I’ll get to it later today–it’s 3 AM right now and I’m going back to bed.


  4. Ron,

    You have developed a wonderful web site. I will bookmark it for further visits. Excellent job.



    • Ron Pavellas says:

      Thanks very much, Don. I am posting less often than I used to for two reasons: I am focusing more on creative writing, and I am not finding many new, inspiring subjects. Perhaps, as with poetry, I have said what I can say in this medium. But, then, I can’t predict an inspiration, can I? Best wishes.


  5. Joan MacReynolds says:

    Ron, Congratulations on publishing. I, too, have just published a chapter of my “hope to publish” book…my bird story. On the spur of the moment, I submitted a chapter to the Knoxville Writer’s Guild Anthology for 2011 and they accepted it. What motivation! Joan from Tennessee


  6. Hi Ron. This is Bengt Nilsson, author of “Makeda – Queen of Sheba”. I have published a new book that I would like to tell you about. Whats your email address?
    Bengt n


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