The current article is…

The World’s Largest Islands

Current articles in my other weblogs:

They Go Away” [Short essays, memoirs, poems, and stories]

“Seven Days with Carl Jung, Part IIa” [Exploring the nexus of the rational and non-rational]

“A Frenchman, an American, and a Bohemian Czech walked into a concert hall, and…” [Music in performance and media]

“A love story, inside a lecture on race, wrapped in an exploration of cultural differences between the USA and Nigeria” [Discussions on fiction and writers of fiction]

Personal and Family-oriented Weblogs:

“Being An American in Sweden” [Experiences of an American expatriate in Sweden]

“Remembrances and Impressions of an Ancestor I Never Met” [Relatives and ancestors]

“Russian Orthodox ‘Old Believers’ in Alaska” [Travels]

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