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Russia is not the Soviet Union—what are ‘we’ afraid of?


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October Musings in Stockholm, 2016 [Poetic Musings]

Impeccability[Exploring the nexus of the rational and non-rational]
Unalloyed Grit of James Ellroy [Discussions on fiction and writers of fiction]

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The World Changed(Musings on Age and Aging)
Irene Jane Baker and ‘Red’ Mike Eriksson Bring their Blues to Stockholm [Experiences of an American expatriate in Sweden]
Ancient Family History [Relatives and ancestors]

2 thoughts on “The current article is…

  1. Hi Ron, Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far . . . . Wait! Wrong text! Joseph Davis here. Remember? We met in Homer when you were the hospital administrator. You kindly lent me a white cardboard box, I’m guessing an old reel to reel tape box, with 4 audio cassette about Gurdjieff. I am having them copied to MP3. Would you like a dropbox link to the files when I am finished? I’d be happy to send the tapes back as well, if you like. After all, what’s 20 years between friends! Well, give a shout when you get back to Alaska. My wife and I live in Glacierview, Alaska. It is in front of the Matanuska Glacier on the Glenn at mile 100. If you do get up this way, and it seems you travel north by your blogs, give a shout ahead and let’s visit. Now for me to explore all your writings! I, btw, have written one book, working on second. Good Wishes, Joseph (


    • What a nice surprise to hear from you, Joseph. I see from your company’s website you have been doing a lot of good stuff in Alaska since we met in Homer in the early 1990s. I’ll respond more fully via email…


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