I Have This Notion…

Ron-Snowpack-Sierra-01… that each of us has at least one talent, an inborn way that, if we were living 10,000 years ago, would be of specific value to the clan or group of cavemen we belong to. I have read that our physical bodies are no different from those we had 10,000 years ago; that we were then just as human as we are now.

So what was I 10,000 year ago? I was not a hunter. I know a hunter, my oldest son Greg. He can make a bow and an arrow, can shoot a gun and release an arrow with a sure and steady hand. He can send a fly from a rod to the place where the fish will bite. He can steer a tugboat pushing a fuel and supply-laden barge through heavy seas in the waters surrounding Alaska. I do not have these talents.

I am a talker, an explainer of things, but I am not sure of what specific use this may be to the clan.

I do know where I am most of the time. I usually know where north is. I can hike an area I haven’t seen in ten years and remember key landmarks. I can find my out when lost, by looking at the lie of the land and imagine how the hills and valleys and creeks and streams relate to each other.

So, I will say I am a scout and a tracker. And a talker.

What are you, 10,000 years ago?