Thoughts Arising from Viewing the Art of Hilma af Klint

Here is the one which stands out in my memory:

The title was not important to me, but I later saw that it is entitled Altarpiece.

This, for me, shows where each of us is headed, toward the limit of one’s path and that which lies beyond. There are no names or words for any of this.

Other of af Klint’s works show us the activity and patterns underlying life’s processes. I see how we exfoliate from the zygote and how all processes ‘outflower’ from their origins, all of which are likewise rooted in even older, ancient origins, without limit.

I harked back to my own vision when in my mid-twenties, after reading Carl Jung for the first time, which I then depicted thus:

Heraclitus (535-475 BCE):

By cosmic rule, as day yields night, so winter summer, war peace, plenty famine. All things change. Air penetrates the lump of myrrh, until the joining bodies die and rise again in smoke called incense. Everything flows and nothing is left unchanged.

Men do not know how that which is drawn in different directions harmonises with itself. The harmonious structure of the world depends upon opposite tension like that of the bow and the lyre. This universe, which is the same for all, has not been made by any god or man, but it always has been, is, and will be an ever-living fire, kindling itself by regular measures and going out by regular measures. (My emphasis).